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31 AUG 2020

International Celebration of Dyslexia

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[ About the ICD ]

Learn more about the International Celebration of Dyslexia (ICD) and how this annual event aims to transform the lives of those with the condition.

What is the International Celebration of Dyslexia (ICD)?

The International Celebration of Dyslexia (ICD) is a world first. Its main purpose is to help adults and children with dyslexia to appreciate that the condition is not, as some might say, a ‘curse’, but rather a gift. Whilst other dyslexia-focused events do exist, none celebrate the condition or promote its benefits. Instead, most appear intent on helping those with dyslexia to ‘cope’. We believe the ICD is a long-overdue mechanism for change.

Who is the ICD aimed at?

The International Celebration of Dyslexia (ICD) is aimed at both adults and children (over eight-years-old) with the condition. The one-day event will offer visitors insightful and inspirational wisdom that aims to nurture and promote dyslexia as a gift.

The event is also aimed at business leaders and entrepreneurs. Studies have shown that entrepreneurs are five times more likely to be dyslexic. It was also shown that approximately 50% of the London prison population are dyslexic people. We would like to increase the number of entrepreneurs/creative people within the ranks of dyslexic people by helping them to understand that they have a gift, and by empowering them to make successes of their lives.

What's the program?

At the time of writing, the ICD is not confirmed – we are in the process of finalising all matters, including speakers and venue. Further information about the program and the speakers will be added here in coming months. Watch this space!

Why participate?

The International Celebration of Dyslexia (ICD) is a must for anyone living with dyslexia. We are currently seeking high-profile individuals with dyslexia to get involved. All those who attend, in whatever capacity, will be:

  • Positioning themselves as a champion for dyslexic people
  • Redressing societal prejudice and imbalance
  • Inspiring entrepreneurs: As mentioned above, a recent study by the Cass Base Business School in London showed that entrepreneurs are five times more likely to be dyslexic than non-dyslexic people
  • Effecting worldwide change: You will be involved in the start of something BIG in the dyslexia world and making a real difference to dyslexic people
  • Becoming the “voice” for dyslexic people and changing the misconception that those with the condition – children especially – are “not bright” or academically challenged

When will tickets go on sale?

We are still finalising the first ICD, which we hope will take place at Birmingham’s NEC in the summer of 2020 (exact date to be confirmed). We expect to place some 16,000 tickets on sale through this site and others once matters have been finalised.Tickets are likely to cost £30. All proceeds go to the charity, Sparklemalawi.org

Can I participate remotely?

Yes. We are planning to live stream all talks on YouTube. Further details to follow.

Corporate Sponsors & Partners

We will be selecting corporate sponsors and partners over coming months. If you would like to be involved, please contact us.

Our vision for the future

In coming years, we envisage the ICD becoming the world’s only dyslexic festival. It will be broadcast live worldwide and will attract delegates and visitors from all continents. We also hope the event will include competitive sport, where dyslexic people from the northern hemisphere will play and socialise with those from the southern hemisphere.
In time, the ICD will not only cater for dyslexic people, but for others in the so-called “autism range” and for anyone with an impairment or disability.

Dyslexia has long been stigmatised by employers, by the media, and by society at large. This groundbreaking event has one aim: to bring about change and a major paradigm shift in the way we consider the condition and those living with it.
Karl de Leeuw
ICD Founder, Campaigner and Author
I will certainly endorse the concept of an international dyslexia celebration [and would be] delighted to share my dyslexia story and life journey at the event and will explain why and how dyslexia is a gift.
Dr John F. Demartini
Demartini Institute
The possibility of celebrating the giftedness of dyslexia through an event of this kind is long overdue.
Sister Antoinette
Director, St John's Education Centre, Ireland