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The Dyslexia Support Program

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fMRI studies show a non-dyslexic person utilises the brain’s left hemisphere. 

This is a gift in its own right. 

Dyslexic people, who use the right hemisphere, are especially talented in creative side of things. Studies have shown that entrepreneurs are five times more likely to be dyslexic. The reason therefore must lie in the right brain gift of dyslexia.

Approximately 10% of the world’s population supposedly “suffers” from the right brain gift of dyslexia

Most of society labels dyslexia a learning disorder. Einstein, Tesla, John F Kennedy, Richard Branson and many other dyslexic people suffered at school but used their right brain gift to excel.

Karl de Leeuw knows about the reality of dyslexia. He is dyslexic.  

He researched widely, attended multiple courses and eventually managed to work out why dyslexia is a gift. 

It took Karl three months to assist his daughter, also dyslexic, and get her back into the school class. Karl’s daughter was taken out of class to be with the learning support teacher and Karl feared that other kids will see his daughter as stupid.  

His daughter was back in the class within 3 months and the learning support teacher said, Karl, “How did you do it?”

If you sign up, Karl will provide the following items free of charge if you are suffering from the right brain gift of dyslexia:

  1. The Dyslexia Code, a free e-book in PDF format. 
  2. A website that provides a summary of how a dyslexic person’s right brain is the “real gift” of dyslexia with YouTube clips that explain all.
  3. A summary of a recommended plan.
  4. If there are still any questions, Karl can provide a free one-on-one Zoom call to answer your queries, wherever you are in the world.


The benefits of taking part include the very real possibilities of: 

  1. Helping you see dyslexia completely differently.
  2. Improving your life, without being charged by Karl.
  3. Helping other dyslexic people, if you decide in the future to answer a questionnaire about your results from this program. Responding to this final questionnaire is optional.


Your Commitment.

All you have to do to receive the items outlined above is to apply. There will be no charge at any time for Karl’s sessions.

What’s in the sessions?

Karl’s book focuses on the history of language, how the dyslexia right brain works, psychological tests, traditional vs complementary methods and much more. It also clearly shows how a dyslexia person mainly uses the right brain hemisphere that is the real gift of dyslexia.

Do not miss this. 

The terms we need you to agree with to take part in this program are:

  1. That no payment will be asked of you at any time.
  2. You want to help yourself, your child, family member or friend. 
  3. You agree that you will consider providing feedback at some point. There is no obligation to do so.


Sign up to our Support Program below by filling in your contact details to receive 4 automated messages over a 30 day period.